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Dragon Hearts Club - Middle School

Welcome to SGS Dragon Hearts of Divine Mercy Club!  This is our Middle School Dragon Hearts Club program.  This group will also be know as the "Divine Mercy Girls."
Who are the “Divine Mercy Girls”?
This is a service club for girls in Middle School at St. George School.  Our theme or focus for Middle School will be the performing acts of service through the Corporal Works of Mercy.  We will also learn about St. Faustina and Jesus' message to her about Divine Mercy.  Our motto is "All grace flows from mercy" from St. Faustina.
What will we do?
Service performed with the Divine Mercy Girls will be eligible for service hours.  Some of our service opportunities will be through our K-5 Dragon Hearts Club program, helping the younger girls to put on events.  Other service opportunities will be available in the community.  
Middle School Shirts:
T-shirts will be available and be worn during service activities and meetings.
Meetings & Service:
There will 5-6 opportunities to serve and meet together this year.  A retreat is also being planned.
First meeting will be Friday, 9/20/19.
Registration will close Friday, September 13, 2019. 
Registration link:
Questions:  Please email us at   SGSDHCDivineMercyGirls@gmail.com
Dragon Hearts of Divine Mercy Board

Bridget Wendell
Allison Yates
Wendy Brideveaux
Jenny Culotta
Sarah Trahan
Elizabeth Schroeder

“All grace flows through mercy” Saint Faustina