2016 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Football (4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th)

CSAA Football Rules

Open to any boy enrolled at St. George School in grades 5-8 with skills and knowledge of the sport and comply with the following criteria:

Grades: A grade point average of 2.0 or better is required from the end of the 4th nine weeks of that school year in order to begin practice in August and must maintain a 2.0 or better for the first nine weeks of the current school year in order to finish the season.
     A.) Quarterly grades will be verified by school administration and any student not meeting the required grade point average after the first nine weeks will be asked to return the loaned out equipment and uniform provided by the athletic department to the athletic director the next school day.

Player Eligibility:
     A.) 5th Grade Eligibility: Open to any boy in the 5th grade who attends St. George School and has not advanced beyond the 5th grade and will be at least ten (10) years old on/before September 30th of the current school year, and has not reached his twelfth (12th) birthday prior to September 1st of the current school year.
     B.) 6th Grade Eligibility: Open to any boy in the 6th grade who attends St. George School and has not advanced beyond the 6th grade and will be at least ten (10) years old on/before September 30th of the current school year, and has not reached his thirteenth (13th) birthday prior to September 1st of the current school year.
    C.) 8th Grade Eligibility: Open to any boy in the 7th or 8th grade who attends St. George School and has not advanced beyond the 8th grade who has not reached his fifteenth (15th) birthday prior to September 1st of the current school year. A boy may participate in the CSAA program as an 8th grade student only once in a sport. Therefore, a boy repeating the 8th grade may participate only if the boy did not previously participate in the CSAA as an 8th grader in football.

     A.) Any student who is absent the entire school may not participate in a practice that day.
     B.) Any student who checks out of school and does not return to school that day due to an illness may not participate in a practice that day.
     C.) Any student who checks out of school for a non-illness related and returns to school may participate in practice that day.
     D.) Parents should communicate to the head coach through email that the player will not be at practice due to illness.
     E.) Any school absences due to other circumstances will be taken on an individual case basis and will be determined by the athletic director and/or school administration. Communication must be made to the athletic director or school administration.

Rainy Day Practices: If there is just rain then teams will still practice. Any thunder/lightning and teams will immediately remove themselves from the practice field until the thunder/lightning has passed.
     A.) Teams that have practices scheduled afterschool or shortly thereafter will not cancel practice and allow the boys to go home “like they would on a no practice day”
     B.) Football teams that have a practice scheduled afterschool or shortly thereafter and bad weather has developed before school lets out will:
          1. Stay at school and wait until the weather has passed.
          2. Meet in the changing rooms to diagram plays with the coaches.
          3. Once the weather has passed or there is rain only teams will go out to the practice fields.
     C.) If the weather worsens then the head coach will make the decision to call or email the parents to cancel practice and to come pick up their child.
     D.) It is recommended that parents keep a dry towel and t-shirt in their car.

Weigh-Ins: All players listed on the roster must weigh in with the league representative at the school. This one-time, pre-season date will be set by the league and notice will be given to the coaches and players of this date.
     A. Limitations: A player who exceeds the weight limit for each league will be designated as a “restricted player” and will receive a decal to place on the back of their helmet.
          1.) 5th and 6th grade division limitation is 140 pounds
          2.) 7th and 8th grade division limitation is 150 pounds
          3.) Restricted players must play in a down lineman position only and cannot run or catch the football.
     B. Any player who misses the weigh in day at the school may be subjected to make an appointment with the league office to weigh in at their location.
         1.) Weight limits will be reduced to 140 pounds for any player added to the roster after weigh in day.

Registration Papers: Each player is required to turn in the following forms to the school athletic director before the first day of practice. All forms can be found on the school website www.st-georgeschool.com under the athletics tab.
     A.) Athletic Physical: This form is valid for one (1) calendar year of the physician’s signature. Parents are urged to make a copy for their records.
     B.) Emergency Contact Form: This form is valid for the sport season.
     C.) Code of Conduct Form: This form if valid for the school year.
     D.) Permission Slip: This form is valid for the sport season.

Registration Day: This day in August is sponsored by the St. George Athletic Association and allows the parent to fill out any forms and pay the player fee and players receive equipment/uniforms.
     A.) In the gym lobby a parent may be required to fill out a player registration form.
     B.) Place the order for a St. George Football Player t-shirt
     C.) Place order for any additional t-shirts, yard signs, hats, etc.
     D.) Pay the St. George Football Player fee of $70 payable to “St. George Athletics”
     E.) Players will then check out with an athletic board member.

Equipment: Players must provide their own equipment.
     A.) Players/Parents must purchase the following equipment for their use.
          1.) Properly fitting helmet and shoulder pads
          2.) Practice jersey (white) and practice pants
          3.) Pant pads
          4.) Mouthpieces (Must be colored, not clear)
          5.) Rubber tipped cleats
          6.) Athletic supporter
          7.) Chin Strap
          8.) Equipment mesh bag
     B.) Players may place their equipment bags in the gym equipment room between 7:20 and 7:45am before the school bell rings. Players who check into school late may bring their equipment bag to the equipment room before going to class.

     A.) St. George Athletic Department will provide a green game jersey and black game pants.
     B.) Any part of the game uniform not returned at the end of the season will have to be replaced and the parent will have to pay to have it replaced.
     C.) A scheduled return day is on the school calendar that uniforms must be returned. Do not send any uniforms to school prior to the set date.

Practice: The league office will designate a start date to begin each sport season.
     A.) Teams will go through a series of conditioning practices for 5 days as set by the league in shorts and helmets only.
     B.) Teams will then be allowed 5 days of helmets and shoulder pads.
     C.) The first day of “full pads” is pre-set by the league office.
     D.) The coaches will create a practice calendar schedule to provide to the parents.
     E.) Practices must be limited to no more than two (2) hours.
     F.) Students are expected to attend all practices unless they are absent from school, leave school early due to an illness, to allow time for homework/studying for tests or any family matters that are to be taken up with the head coach.
     G.) Parents should designate a meeting spot with their child after practice.

Games: The league will provide a game schedule in Mid-September. Each school provides the league office Sundays when they are available to play.
     A.) All games are held at the playing site for those schools entered.
     B.) All games are held on Sunday afternoon, unless noted by the league.
     C.) All teams will participate in a league sponsored jamboree game.
     D.) 6th and 8th grade teams will participate in seven scheduled league games.
     E.) 5th grade teams will participate in five or six scheduled league games.
     F.) It is the responsibility of the host school to determine if games will be played or not due to bad weather or bad playing conditions. The host school athletic director will notify the opposing team’s athletic director of any cancellation or postponement and will then relay to the coaching staff.
     G.) The season generally plays out mid-September through mid-November.

Post-Season Play: Teams may be invited to participate in a post-season bowl game for their excellent season record. St. Michael’s will host the “Warrior Bowl” for 5th and 6th grade teams and Catholic High will host the “Bruin Bowl” for 7th/8th grade teams.

League Sportsmanship: All players, parents and coaches are encouraged and expected to display positive support for their team. Everyone should avoid any negative talk regarding any football player, coach or league official.
     A.) Any ejected player or coaching staff member will be suspended by the league office for one league game.
     B.) Any further action will be taken by the school administration and school administration will notify the athletic director and head coach when the player or head or assistant coach may rejoin the team.
     C.) A player or coaching staff member who is suspended by school administration for whatever reason may not practice or attend a practice until notified by school administration to the athletic director and head coach.
     D.) Any parent ejection from a football game will be dealt with by school administration.

Parent Involvement:
     A.) Parents are asked to drop off and pick up their child on time for practice. Make arrangements with another parent if you need assistance.
     B.) Parents are asked to work the concession stand and take admission at home games.
          1.) A work schedule will be provided one week before the first home game.
          2.) It is the parent’s responsibility to find a replacement to work their shift if they cannot work the assigned shift. A high school student for service hours or another parent is acceptable.
          3.) If you do not show up on time for your work shift your son will be forced to sit out until you arrive for your shift.
     C.) Football field pre-game set up. Any parent (or group of parents) who would like to come out and help line and stripe the field should plan on meeting the coaches Sunday mornings of home games.
     D.) Football chain workers are needed for each home game if you would like to get involved.
     E.) Help pick up after the games. This includes trash cans, field markers, goal post wraps, etc.

Team/Individual Pictures:
     A.) The school photographer company will take team and individual pictures. Order forms will be sent home and payments must be made to the photographer on picture day. The date will be announced by the school and coach. Players are expected to be in full uniform.

Player Positions: The coaching staff will determine where the players will play based on the teams’ need and what will be best for the team to be successful. Coaches will not tolerate player positioning or playing time “lobbying” through phone calls, verbal conversations, text messaging, emails, etc.

Parent Concerns: Any parent who has a concern directly concerning their own child shall speak to the head coach or the position coach directly in a calm manner away from the other players, parents and coaching staff.
     A.) Parents shall not directly confront through verbal conversation, texting, or any other means any member of the St. George coaching staff regarding playing time issues after a football game. It is recommended emailing the head coach a few hours later or the next morning after strong feelings have subsided.
     B.) Parents may email the athletic director any concern they may have regarding any action by any coaching staff member or player.
     C.) Parents are not to speak negatively toward another player to any coaches unless it is concerning a negative behavior from another child to their own child.

Bullying/Intimidating Player Behaviors: No player/teammate shall bully, intimidate (verbally or physically) any other player. If a player if found bullying or intimidating another player it will be reported to the Athletic Director and School Administration.
     A.) School Administration will determine if any punishment consequences will be needed and inform the Athletic Director and head coach.

Game Balls: 5th and 6th grade teams use the “K2 Ball”, 7th/8th grade teams use the “YTD Ball”

Coaches: Coaches, unless a college student, are volunteers. They enjoy the game and will provide your child a safe, fun, challenging, competitive environment while teaching the game of football based off of the ability of the players and the age group. Please treat all coaches with respect and dignity.
     A.) All coaches must be volunteer-compliant before starting any practice at St. George.
     B.) Coaches will treat your child with respect and will not embarrass your child.
     C.) Coaches will not use profanity at practices or games.
     D.) Coaches are responsible for the team and parent conduct while at practices and games.
     E.) Coaches will represent St. George School and Church Parish with good sportsmanship.
     F.) Coaches must be on time for practices and games.
     G.) Coaches cannot leave the football field area until all players have been picked up.

Financial Aid Scholarship: Any family who would like their child to participate in a St. George School based sponsored sport but may not have the immediate financial means may email the athletic director and or school principal their need request. The parent will be notified by email and will remain confidential any financial aid the St. George Athletic Association will provide.

Parking:  Due to safety reasons, there is to be no parking or driving from beyond the Church to the area behind the cafeteria/football field for practices and games. This area must remain open and accessible to emergency vehicles in the event they are needed.
Anyone who is picking up or dropping off football player(s) is expected to follow this policy.  Please inform anyone picking up or dropping off your child.
Issues of noncompliance with this policy will be brought to the attention of School Administration.
Drop-Off / Pick-Up areas are as follows: Church parking lot, Church office parking lot, or gym parking lots.