2016 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

Requirements For Admissions

Student Acceptance Criteria for Enrollment


Thank you for your interest in St. George School. St. George School complies with Diocesan Guidelines for admission of students as stated in the Handbook of Policies for the Schools of the Diocese of Baton Rouge (4.2.1). St. George School will not discriminate against students applying because of race, sex or ethnic origin. Students are admitted with the understanding and on the condition that they will meet the rigors and requirements of school life (i.e. attendance, conduct, and academic progress). Students are considered for admission at the discretion of the Admissions Committee with the final approval of the Pastor and Principal. New students are accepted for admission for a probationary period of one year.

Students will be admitted according to the following Guidelines:

All students currently enrolled at St. George School in Kindergarten through seventh grade will be given priority for admission for the next school year. Due to the possibility of limited space, newly entering students will be accepted to St. George Catholic School according to the following criteria:

1.     Siblings of students currently enrolled.

2.     Registered St. George Parish families actively participating* in all phases of stewardship (prayer, offering, ministry), with no children currently enrolled. Parents who are St. George alumni are given preference.

3.     Catholic students transferring from a Catholic school who are active parishioners* and now reside within the territorial boundaries of St. George Parish.

4.     Registered St. George Parish families not active or participating in all phases of stewardship (prayer, offering, ministry) with no children currently enrolled. Parents who are St. George alumni are given preference.

5.     Out of parish Catholic families with no children currently enrolled.

6.     Non-Catholic families who allow their children to participate in the school’s religious program other than the actual reception of the sacraments.

All applications are reviewed by the Admissions Committee and applicants will be screened prior to acceptance to determine developmental readiness and academic eligibility.  Acceptance criteria will then be considered.

*Definition Of An Active Parishioner

The pastor of St. George Parish is the final decision maker in determining who is/is not a member of St. George Parish.
In order to be identified as an active parishioner*, school families must fulfill all of the following criteria for the last 12 months:

  • regularly participate in the life of the church by attending Sunday Mass
  • maintain a twelve month history of contributing through the Sunday offertory
  • have a Stewardship of Ministry commitment form on file and are active in some ministry

Application for New Students

New student applications for grades PreK - 8 are available beginning November 1 prior to the year of enrollment.  Applications are to be completed online and submitted with a non-refundable application fee ($150.00).  

Age requirements for entrance are as follows: 

PreK - students must be 4 by September 30 of the year they enter school
Kindergarten - students must be 5 by September 30 of the year they enter school
Grade 1 - students must be 6 by September 30 of the year they enter school and have successfully completed kindergarten

Copies of the following documents for the applicant should be uploaded with the application: 

  • picture of applicant
  • birth certificate
  • immunization record (current)
  • baptismal certificate (if applicable)
  • first communion certificate (if applicable)
  • current and all prior report cards (if applicable)
  • standardized test scores (if applicable)
  • A copy of the social security card
  • Any test results of any cognitive or developmental testing that has been completed in the last 3 years must be submitted before screening takes place.